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Case Studies: Primary Research

NeedRecognizing that its win rate among qualified leads was suffering, an internet security provider needed to understand the root causes why prospective customers deciding not to opt for its core product were turning the offer down, as well as inherent strengths which drive closed sales.


Activities“Won-lost” research – in-depth interviews with cross-section of recently won and recently lost accounts, spanning perceptions of product, price, and the customer experience across marketing and sales touchpoints.


Results:  Client is re-assessing its marketing and sales processes, and its pricing model.


Need:  Global vaccine maker’s sales division – comprised of internet and call center operations – recognized it must improve the customer experiences these channels deliver, given increasing competitive intensity and rising customer expectations.


Activities:  1) Customer interviews exploring buyers' experiences, perceived competitive advantages and drawbacks, and customer experience preferences and 2) survey of its phone reps' time on specific tasks and perceived importance across these activities.  Along with operational analysis, results led to generating improvement activities and developing a roadmap by which to prioritize and build out solutions over time.


Results:  Client deployed many recommended changes.  Its shipping performance improved and its problem incidence rate declined, both dramatically.

Need:  Business compliance software provider need to understand target buyer needs and decision process factors, in order to maximize the opportunity to grow as it re-brands and launches its new solution suite.


ActivitiesTarget customer interviews and focus groups on compliance activities and needs, buying process dynamics, reactions to solution suite concept, and pricing expectations.


ResultsCompany was able to refine its messaging strategy, marketing communications and sales strategy.


NeedTo better connect with and guide healthcare clients, consulting firm deployed the "Global Patient Pulse" – a quantitative study designed to reveal patients’ healthcare needs and their views of specific healthcare provider and institution types.


ActivitiesAnalysis of survey of 1,600 patients spanning the U.S. and 6 other major countries.  Packaging to gain traction in the healthcare consulting field, including study naming, design of executive and industry-specific reports (Pharma, Insurance and Hospital), and press release development.


ResultsFirm gained additional momentum with core pharmaceutical and insurance accounts, and was able to leverage this new intellectual property to begin conversations with prospects in the healthcare field.

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