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Case Studies: Secondary Research

NeedIn an industry where customer engagement is infrequent yet customer expectations continue to rise, a major credit card provider recognized it is lagging on customer engagement, threatening customer retention.  It wished to learn principles to adopt and potential activities to deploy.


ActivitiesSecondary research on 1) principles typically used to actively engage and deepen relationships with customers, and 2) detailed profiles of customer engagement leaders’ (“beacons”) unique activities.


ResultsClient adopted several engagement tactics including custom offers, alerts, and greater transparency.


Need: To refine its member retention and acquisition strategy, a non-profit organization advocating for aging services providers (nursing homes, assisted living centers, etc.) needed to understand the market opportunity across each provider type that it serves, and trends affecting the future of aging services.


ActivitiesSecondary research (market environment) – each across 12 defined industry sectors, including sector size, trajectory, and major trends.  Additional research on emerging long-term care models.  Findings informed member opportunity recommendations, including sectors which may be most promising to target (based on revenue opportunity or fit with client mission and services).


ResultsClient adopting member retention initiatives, re-prioritizing sectors served, planning member studies.


Need:  A major health insurance provider was seeking to understand the potential to market and sell a specific product through financial intermediaries.  In order to gauge the potential for this strategy, the company needed a holistic understanding of the multi-layered financial marketplace.


ActivitiesSecondary research on the size of various sectors comprising the overall financial services industry, the size and breadth of dozens of providers in the field, and the assets and habits of its target audience, retirees.


ResultsClient elected to move forward with the concept, commissioning development of a business case detailing the potential for this opportunity and how it would attract and engage financial intermediaries.

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