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Case Studies: Marketing Strategy

NeedGlobal insurer’s consumer assistance group needed to understand the market opportunity across 30 new markets.


ActivitiesFirst, we conducted secondary research, focusing on market size/potential, competitive intensity, and fit with client's partner-driven distribution model.  Based on these findings, we led a multi-faceted strategy effort, including building a decision modeling framework, facilitating executive decision meetings, and designing targeting and M&A strategies.


ResultsClient prioritized 5-6 markets, has developed and launched products in 2 of these markets, and is now pursuing product development and distribution partnerships in additional markets.


NeedOnline survey provider needed to plan for launch of a major survey portal innovation (targeting, communication), to maximize the opportunity to gain share via this innovative concept.


Activities:  First, we conducted market landscape research and customer interviews.  Then, these findings led to development of target segments and use cases.  Finally, we developed marketing plans including messaging, channel mix, and calendar of milestones & events.


ResultsInnovation launched in Dec. 2013 – client expects 5-10% bump in current customer use and account wins.

NeedGlobal provider of healthcare technology needed to understand why it trailed competitors on market share, and wished to improve effectiveness of its marketing and sales organizations.


ActivitiesFirst, we deployed a buyer survey on product and customer experience needs, shopping preferences, and perceptions of client & competitive product and sales process.  Simultaneously, we conducted internal sales organization analysis.  Blending these findings, we identified specific improvement opportunities.


ResultsBased on shortcomings revealed, provider was able to reallocate marketing/sales resources and channel mix.


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