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Challenges & Services

Business Challenges:  Our clients hire us because we address their crucial business problems.  Challenges that our clients face span many common marketing, sales and customer engagement issues.
Market Research and Marketing Strategy Services:  To address these challenges, WolfWorks offers the following professional services.
  • Understanding customer attitudes, needs and behaviors


  • Making informed market entry decisions (new products, customers, geographies)


  • Developing and improving value propositions and brand positionings


  • Optimizing communications plans and messaging strategies


  • Improving marketing and sales channel mix and performance


  • Differentiating from competitors


  • Attracting and retaining customers based on their unique needs


  • Improving customer engagement and the customer experience



  • Qualitative discussions:

    • Customer/prospect needs and behaviors

    • Concept and message testing

    • Won/Loss analysis

    • Customer experience

  • Quantitative surveys:

    • Customer/prospect needs and behaviors

    • Brand familiarity and equities

    • Concept and message testing

    • Market opportunity sizing

  • Secondary (“desktop”) research/analysis:

    • Market size, composition and trends

    • Competitive landscape

    • Industry “beacons” and innovations

  • Customer insights


  • Value proposition development


  • Brand strategy development


  • Target segment identification


  • Segment profiles and activation


  • Marketing and communications planning


  • Marketing & sales funnel performance


  • Decision modeling and facilitation


  • Strategic planning and concept ideation


  • Customer experience improvement

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